The Southampton Cultural Center offers a variety of dance programs and workshops.  Below we list what is currently available.

Cuban Salsa

With Jaime Ruiz

7pm Beginners 2
8pm Intermediate

7pm Advanced*
8pm Beginners 1

Classes - $10 each or buy one of our great value monthly packages:

$25 for 4 classes
$40 for 8 classes
$55 for 12 classes

*Pre-registration required

Salsa Cubana
Con Jaime Ruiz

7pm Principiantes 2
8pm Intermedios

7pm Avanzados*
8pm Principiantes 1

Clases - $10

Precios de paquetes mensuales
$25 por 4 clases
$40 por 8 clases
$55 por 12 clases

*Preinscripcion requerida

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