Center Stage Annual Appeal

Dear Friends,
As we embark on our 12th season, we want to take a moment to thank YOU, our supporters, for the success of past seasons’ theater programs. Without YOU and our community coming together, it would not have been possible.
Center Stage, produced by the Southampton Cultural Center (SCC), is a true local jewel. Actors, directors, musicians, lighting and sound technicians, volunteers, audience members and supporters come together at 25 Pond Lane to create and experience the magic of theater on a true community level. The quality of the programming has never been better. We are grateful for your past generous support allowing us to present an exciting and eclectic array of productions at the SCC’s Levitas Center for the Arts.
Planning is now underway for the 2019/20 season. Look for more incredible voices, poignant performances and memorable melodies. The SCC, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization, and its Center Stage theater productions, are part of Southampton Village’s important Arts District. Now, more than ever, we need your support! Your tax deductible contribution will allow us to uphold our standard of excellence. We hope you will join us in our continued commitment to theater in and by our community.
The Center Stage Committee

Please designate your donation to "Center Stage".
If you'd like to send a check by mail, please address it to: SCC/Center Stage, PO Box 5008, Southampton, NY 11969.

“Michael Disher’s staging is superb.“

“An able cast in a solid production.”

“A new tradition that should stick around for a long time.”

“Don’t forget to take the kids!”

“Go. See. It.”


“Enraptured by the two-hour Center Stage production.”


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