Instructed Life Drawing
Thursdays • 10 am - 12 noon • year-round

Artist and teacher Linda Capello focuses on anatomy, proportion foreshortening, mass and line quality in this class.

Uninstructed Life Drawing
Tuesdays • 10 am - 2 pm • year-round

Howard Rose Workshop
Painting the Light
Monday, November 18, 10AM-1:00PM

Renowned Long Island landscape painter, Howard Rose will offer an oil painting workshop, including a demonstration, emphasizing light and color on Monday, November 18 from 10AM to 1:00.
Bring your paints, a small canvas and a favorite photo to paint from. Howard will have extra photos on hand as well.
To register, call the Southampton Cultural Center at 631 287 4377
Fee is $40 payable to
The Southampton Cultural Center,
PO Box 5008
Southampton, NY 11969

Art Classes w/ Alexandria Lira
Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 5pm-6pm

About the instructor

with a BFA in Fine Arts, at Pratt Institute, Alexandria has been working as a fine artist for over 7 years working and living in Brooklyn. Recently had her 1st Solo exhibition as well over at Roman Fine Arts where she is represented as an artist.

About the course

This course is made for self expressing and delving into your creative side. Made for any levels, meaning you can be a beginner, experienced, etc.  I want everyone to just have fun and enjoy this wonderful experience of no judgement and free expression ;D
Ages vary per class
Tuesdays: 16 + up
Wednesdays: 8 up to 15

What you will need:

1 18 x 20 sketch/paint based pad
1 acrylic based paint set or even charcoal set
2 light to medium style pencil
1 sharpener
1 eraser gummy

The Full Course:

Still Life (painting a vase of flowers with wine and candle)
Dali (Imaginative) Surrealism - bring a photograph with you and repaint your way it adding elements of irony to your piece with your imagination
Picasso self portraits - a portraiture course based on delving into abstract style drawing and painting
Pollack Splash Paintings - Throwing and splashing the tones of any colors you choose to work with.
Please email Alexandria for any inquiries:
(631) 255-5934