Two Tea Cups - Sadie, 5 yrs

Still Life Drawing for Kids
Mondays 11am

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Ages 5+
An online class where kids will practice simple still life drawing guided by an instructor. Children will learn basic still life drawing skills, the benefit of making mistakes, and how to slow down and really look at an object. Kids will be asked to choose an item of their own from a category provided by the instructor.
Week 1: Tea Cups
Week 2: Fruits and Veggies (choose 1 item!)
Week 3: Plants
Week 4: Your Lunch
Materials needed:
Drawing paper (computer paper is fine)
No. 2 pencil
Eraser (optional)
$8 drop-in
4 classes for $20
Mondays at 11 am

Instructed Life Drawing
Thursdays • 10 am - 12 noon • year-round

Artist and teacher Linda Capello focuses on anatomy, proportion foreshortening, mass and line quality in this class.

Uninstructed Life Drawing
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