Instructed Life Drawing
Thursdays • 10 am - 12 noon • year-round

Artist and teacher Linda Capello focuses on anatomy, proportion foreshortening, mass and line quality in this class.

Uninstructed Life Drawing
Tuesdays • 10 am - 2 pm • year-round

Howard Rose Workshop
Clouds and Grasses
Monday, April 20, 10AM-1:00PM

Howard Rose will focus on rendering clouds and grasses. He will demonstrate techniques to enhance your paintings with expressive brushwork and application of paint, including his calligraphic painting methods, use of brushes and wet on wet oil paint, bringing foregrounds into focus and more. Bring your paints and a small canvas.
To register, call the Southampton Cultural Center at 631 287 4377
Fee is $40 payable to
The Southampton Cultural Center,
PO Box 5008
Southampton, NY 11969

Painting the Natural Form
Botanical Painting for Beginners/Intermediate
Fridays, Jul. 3- 24, 10AM-1:00PM

Learn how to realistically portray flowers and plants in watercolor.
Award winning artist Rose Pellicano, a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, will teach the student in a step by step method the traditional techniques of watercolor painting, observational skills and correct color mixing. Lecture, demonstration and individual attention will be a part of the course.
Fee: $275
Dates: Friday July 3,10,17,24 10 AM-1 PM
To register, call the Southampton Cultural Center at 631 287 4377