The Miracle Worker (April 27 – 29)

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The Miracle Worker
April 27 - 29

Friday & Saturday at 7PM
Sunday at 2PM

Helen Keller was born in the year 1880 in late Victorian America, after the Civil War, to Kate and Captain Keller. She was a beautiful child by all accounts and in the first months of her life lived normally, even wandering the gardens and orchards of their rambling home in Alabama when she was old enough to take her first steps until she was struck by a strange fever when she was just over a year old. It left her blind and deaf. Imagine what that must have been like…suddenly engulfed in total darkness, without a sound…and at such a young age.

What would you do?

Helen’s parents raised her with love and compassion, but without discipline or education. They didn’t know how. Until they found Annie Sullivan, a young woman fresh out of a school for the blind in Boston, who herself had been blind but through various operations had acquired her sight again. She understood what Helen was going through and brought Helen a life-altering gift…the gift of language. The ability to communicate with the outside world.

Through Annie, or “teacher,” Helen morphed from an angry lonely young girl into someone full of hope with an unbounded excitement to learn.

But it wasn’t an easy process, as witnessed in William Gibson’s remarkable play “The Miracle Worker," which shows the story of Helen’s early life with her family, meeting her new teacher and the struggle that took place.

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General Admission: $20, Students Under 21: $5