Plein Air Painting Workshop
June 10 & 11

Renowned oil painter, Howard Rose will offer a 2-day plein air oil painting workshop June 10-11, Sunday and Monday,  from 10:30 to 1:30 at the Southampton Cultural Center.

On Sunday, June 10th, Howard will discuss the start and logical steps to begin a plein air painting. How to get the most out of a limited color palette and a few brushes. He’ll talk about getting as much information for your paintings out of reference photos, how to take them and how to use them. A demonstration will follow to show how to find a good composition, how to apply wet paint on wet paint, how to find the right values and how to capture the light. We will all start the design, making sure drawing, perspective and composition are as good as can be.

On Monday, June 11th, everyone will continue their paintings. We will work on an  8x10 or 6 x 8 format with individual guidance from Howard. Weather permitting, Howard will choose a spot near Agawam Park. Look forward to our workshop. Always feel free to call me with any concerns and/or questions.

Howard will contact you via email, before the workshop to discuss materials and supplies.

To register, call the Southampton Cultural Center at 631 287 4377. Fee is $100 payable to The Southampton Cultural Center

Instructed Life Drawing
Thursdays • 10 am - 12 noon • year-round

Artist and teacher Linda Capello focuses on anatomy, proportion foreshortening, mass and line quality in this class.


Uninstructed Life Drawing
Tuesdays • 10 am - 2 pm • year-round


Drawing the Natural Form
Mondays, 10AM - 1PM
July 9, 16, 23, 30

Working from live plants this class for beginner and intermediate students will focus on  drawing the natural form of plants and flowers.  Rose Pellicano, a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, in this introductory class will teach you how to observe the object in order to render a realistic drawing in pencil and graphite using a variety of basic techniques.

A materials list will be supplied upon registration.

Instructor: Rose Pellicano
Fee:  $250


Painting the Natural Form - Botanical Painting for Beginners/Intermediate
Fridays, 10 AM-1 PM
July 6, 13, 20, 27

Learn how to realistically portray flowers and plants in watercolor.

Award winning artist Rose Pellicano, a member of the  American Society of Botanical Artists, will teach the student in a step by step method the  traditional techniques of watercolor painting, observational skills and correct color mixing.  Lecture, demonstration and individual attention will be a part of the course.

A materials list will be supplied upon registration.

Instructor: Rose Pellicano
Fee: $250